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Jad Hilal is an accomplished entrepreneur with an impressive background in business and management. In 2008, he graduated from the Lebanese American University with a degree in Business with an emphasis on Marketing, then went to California State University, where he majored in Business Administration with an emphasis on management. With a strong marketing background, Jad established an online real estate marketing company, HomePro, in 2015. Jad’s success is attributed to his years of work experience as a Finance Director at General Engineering & Contracting Company in Beirut, which has given him a wealth of knowledge in the real estate industry

Jad’s agency, HomePro, provides a unique marketing platform that connects buyers and agents, making the buying experience smoother and more informed. The company has been around for over 7 years and has a deep understanding of the local market and strong partnerships with local and international companies. Through partnerships with local and international businesses, HomePro provides excellent customer service, with dedicated account managers and solutions for every step of the client’s journey. Their services include comprehensive analysis and studies of real estate market statistics, long-term planning for intelligent investing, and SMS/Email newsletters to keep clients informed and aware of the latest market trends.

Why HomePro?

Jad’s sights of him are set on the horizon, where he envisions a future marked by the expansion of his team, diversification of his company’s property portfolio, and an increase in website traffic. These objectives are driven by his desire to secure a steady income for his family, particularly in the face of Lebanon’s current economic challenges. To attain these aspirations, Jad remains resolute in his commitment to personal branding, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and advertising. His professional ethos mandates adherence to the highest standards of work ethics, and he remains steadfast in his dedication to delivering the best possible customer service to his clients.

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  1. Florence Hashim

    I have a building in sin el fil that I would like to sale !

    1. Good Morning Sir,
      We can definitely help in publishing your listing on our website. You can contact us at +961 1 811218 / 219 for more info.

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