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Jad Hilal, an accomplished entrepreneur, embarked on a journey fueled by a clear vision. With a degree in Business and Marketing from the Lebanese American University and further studies in Business Administration and management at California State University, Jad laid a strong foundation.

In 2015, he realized his dream by founding HomePro, a pioneering online real estate marketing agency in Beirut, Lebanon. However, the unprecedented economic crises of 2019 wreaked havoc on HomePro’s finances. Jad, alongside his family, made a courageous move to the USA, facing challenges amid economic uncertainty, high inflation, and unemployment.

HomePro, built on Jad’s robust marketing background, serves as a unique platform connecting buyers and agents, enhancing the real estate experience. With over 7 years in operation, HomePro has a clear understanding of the local market and enduring partnerships with local and international businesses. Their commitment to excellence shines through dedicated account managers and comprehensive real estate market analysis, offering clients insights into market trends and intelligent investment planning.

Jad’s vision extends to the horizon, where he envisions HomePro’s future marked by team expansion, a diversified property portfolio, and increased website traffic. His unwavering commitment stems from the desire to secure a stable income for his family, especially in the face of Lebanon’s economic challenges. To achieve these goals, Jad remains steadfast in his commitment to personal branding, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and advertising, all while upholding the highest work ethics and delivering exceptional customer service.

Today, Jad is fundraising $20,000 to support HomePro’s expansion in the USA, embodying resilience and a determination to turn crisis into a remarkable comeback. Join us in supporting HomePro’s inspiring journey, led by Jad Hilal, an entrepreneur with an indomitable spirit.

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