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General Engineering and Contracting Company




G.E.C.C is a leading provider for quality and professional services in the construction industry in Lebanon while ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering outstanding value and high quality workmanship to their customers.


They have been classified by the Lebanese government in the top 20 construction firm in Lebanon since 1983 for their excellence and dedication for quality of workmanship and exceptional services nationwide.


As a world-class firm, our objective is to always maintain strong core values, trust, honesty, and integrity throughout their line of work. The skilled team at G.E.C.C includes a large variety of highly certified civil engineers, Project Managers, Development Manager, Quantity Surveyors, Health and Safety Managers combined with independent partners, like structural and architect engineers with many years of experience, who are dedicating their lives and working around the clock for this company to deliver exceptional service allowing them to have the capability of excellent construction and design advice to provide affordable price to our clients while remaining competitive and ensuring customer satisfaction.


G.E.C.C has worked on about a hundred structures of almost every type and description throughout their lifetime in business. They have been involved with construction for over 45 years of experience across Lebanon, developing  residential buildings, furnished apartments and hotels as well as mansions, office building and entertainment and sports facilities.

As their Chief Executive Officer of G.EC.C. Construction, Nazih N. Hilal has over 47 years of experience in civil engineering and contracting management, and real estate development. He carried on studies as civil engineer at E.S.I.B. for 5 years with honor and recognition by his performance and achievements, which allowed him to excel and start with his career as structural engineer and project coordinator for many prestigious projects across the Middle East mainly the Golf countries such as Saudi Arabia.


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