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Jad Hilal

Advertising Agency
+961 1 811218


General Manager at HomePro


I am currently working as GM at HomePRO and Hilal Agency, a marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close sales for properties both residential and commercial.

This job allowed me to diversify all areas of the business models which allowed me to coordinate processes across the organization such as finance and accounting, operations, sales, marketing, human resources, and research and development.

I work also as a Finance Director at G.E.C.C for over two years now. This allowed me to progress aggressively into the finance industry as well as management and economy. I have managed to diversify the variety of work ethics and business models and strategies almost everywhere throughout this position.

Previously, I have also worked as an independent financial advisor with the collaboration of WFG for two years. It has enabled me to achieve my first steps in finance which then progressed to something more prominent and assisted me in not just being able to provide assistance to consumers and enterprises relating to debt consolidation and life insurance but provided me the tools and the facility to have better time and money management and much more.

My accomplishments:

1- Bachelor degrees in Business Marketing from Lebanese American University (2003-2008)

2- Business Administration from California State University, Los Angeles. (2008-2013)


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